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Omgene was established in 2011, as a private limited company registered under Companies Act, 1956, and is operating for around 12 years in bio pharmaceutical space. We are quickly growing towards creating a vast impact on the healthcare industry.

At Omgene, we are doing niche product development research for preparation of Peptide API, semi-synthetic API , Synthetic API molecules, bio-pharmaceuticals and formulation of complex generics for critical care like treatment of cancer, infertility, obesity, diabetes & different renal problems. Biopharmaceuticals are complex medicines containing peptides, semi synthetics, oligonucleotides and recombinant genetic materials made from amino acids, nucleotides, metabolites of living cells or organisms, often produced using cutting-edge biotechnological methods.

  • The R&D team is led by experienced technocrats having reliable Industrial track-record and has a team of 90+ manpower as on date.
  • Over the years, Omgene made decent progress in Research & Development and few molecules were successfully scaled up, which speaks about our confidence on our technology developed.
  • Total 18 patents are filed and few are commercially used by large companies like Mylan, Apicore etc.
  • Now, we are on a way to commercialize more products for Domestic and International requirements by upcoming expansion of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Our Core Objective is to build a healthier world and affordable disease management.
  • We are a diligent, focused, and target oriented organization aspiring to be an inspiring player in the biopharmaceutical space. Our core objective is to build a healthier world. The platform of our performance and success is our vision to be a biopharmaceutical company with a special niche in global complex generics. We diligently deliver on our promise to our clients, investors, and our employees.
  • We have nice infrastructure which allows us to maintain product quality, safety and efficacy. These attributes are the basis of our commitment to our Clients. Our product offerings deliver at realistic prices in regulated markets around the world.
  • Omgene R&D is spread in 20,000 sq. ft area, comprising of chemical synthesis, formulation development and analytical development laboratories.
  • 6000 sq. ft. GMP commercial manufacturing facility was established in existing facility for Peptides and Semi-Synthetic APIs.