Omgene is a diligent, focussed, and target oriented organization aspiring to be an inspiring presence in the pharmaceutical space. Our core objective is to build a healthier world. The platform of our performance and success is our vision to be a biopharmaceutical company with a special niche in global peptide scenario, delivering on our promise to our patients, clients, investors, and our employees.

Established in 2011, as a private limited company registered under Companies Act, 1956, we are quickly growing towards creating a vast impact on the healthcare industry. We are set with cutting-edge infrastructure which allows us to effect our products’ quality, safety and efficacy. These attributes are the basis of our commitment to patients, and of our abiding efforts to making the difference. Our product offerings deliver at realistic prices in regulated markets around the world.


To offer critical disease management at a revolutionary price, while showcasing Indian capabilities in research and development.


To be one among the leading players in the field of R&D while contributing towards healthcare at an affordable price.